Building the framework runs the main by a thin line. Always when holding a frame with three sides of the sheet retreat from the edge of 5 mm and 20 mm on the plane of the sheet inside the frame is called the field of the drawing. The widest part of the frame, the width of which is 20 mm, used in the binder. There is enough space to pierce the holes for the folder.
In the lower right corner of the sheet draw sheet is a table with information about the drawing. Its size is also strictly described in the standards. Students draw a sheet with a size of 145 mm in length and 22 mm in height.
In the production of a A4 sheet vertically, so the frame is draw vertically. The school sometimes allowed to place the sheet horizontally. On sheets of A3, on the contrary, the frame is always horizontal. This is done in order to be able to sew in the same folder as sheets of different format, because the big side of an A4 sheet is equal to the smaller side of A3 sheet.