You will need
  • - "Kompas-3D".
Download and install to your personal computer the program "Compass-3D". To familiarize you enough for demo-version, especially since it is free. Run the program. On the screen of your monitor window appears. On the toolbar select "File". Then proceed according to your wishes.
If you need to learn to draw in the "Compass 3D" flat drawing, select "Create a drawing". After that, the screen will display the drawing sheet with the guides of the coordinate axes. To draw, you will need basic tools. As a rule, they are located on the panel at the left edge of the screen. If the panel is not displayed, add it via the View tab on the toolbar.
Try to work with each of the main instruments in creating the drawing. These include: an infinite line, simple geometric shapes, line, Bezier curve, highlighting, shading, dimension. You can draw as "the eye" and asking specific dimensions and coordinates in the appropriate boxes on the bar at the bottom of the screen.
Creating a drawing in the "Compass 3D", you can save a lot of time due to the possibility of copying and mirroring of the finished piece. It makes life much easier when creating drawings of symmetrical elements.
Download and install the program "Compass-3D", if you need to create three-dimensional drawings. On the toolbar select "File" then "Create item". Working in the program field, select the plane which will create a fragment. The principle of creating a three-dimensional model-drawing is distinguished only by the fact that after the formation of a flat slice of the volumetric model is created by extruding, cutting and modifying the individual parts in respective planes.