You will need
  • a computer running CAD software;
  • paper or tracing paper;
  • plotter or printer;
  • - drawing tools (templates, rulers, rassini, pencils) for drawing manually.
Pick up a set of documentation relating to the drawing that you need to alter. For Assembly drawing it will include specification on the Assembly node set – list of specifications for the product, and all Assembly drawings, BOM for assemblies and drawings of parts. The more information about a drawn object you will have, the faster and more correctly you do the new drawing.
Make a frame and sheet format drawing on GOST 2.104-68. Remember that the frame and the main inscription runs depending on the format (A4, A3, A2, etc.). If you make a new drawing of another format (more or less) correct orientation of images of the cross sections, cross sections and drawings. If a new drawing will be executed in a larger format, use the zoom scale (2:1, 4:1, etc.), not forgetting to specify the actual size of the depicted object. When the drawing is overloaded with types, sizes and technical requirements, you should redraw it, inserting new sheets, which will be evenly distributed all information about the object.
If you migrate engineering documentation from paper form to electronic, that is perecherkivaet existing on paper drawing, using CAD tools, don't forget to include additions to state and industry standards that have occurred over the lifetime of the drawing. Normally all changes should be reflected on the field of the drawing, and the change number and the date of its introduction indicated in the title block. When performing a new drawing account should be taken of all changes and execute it under the new rules and standards that apply at the current time.