Four turns from the cuff.

The most common way to roll shirt sleeve. Once you four times wrap sleeve, it will be at the level of the elbow. Sleeves should be slightly pushed up above the elbow to give the kind of light summer shirts.
Three turns from the cuff.

This method of rolling is used to create length sleeves in three quarters. To do this, wrap the cuffs of the sleeves around them for three turns. Sleeve length three quarters will give a neat, sporty appearance and will look attractive when paired with jeans.
Shifted sleeve.

Some prefer to roll up the sleeves, leaving the cuffs at the bottom. It is necessary to move the sleeve above the elbow, so it does not slid down. This method is impractical, since the sleeve does not look quite neat and useful.
Rolling the cuff towards the inside.

So as not to expose the inner seams of the shirt, roll sleeve cuffs inside. At the same time you hide the sleeve as if to himself, turning his cuff down three or four times, creating the effect of short sleeves without seams.
One turn of the cuff unbuttoned button.

Just remove the cuffs unbuttoned not buttoning them, it will give the bottom of the sleeves, the effect of the wings. In combination with unbuttoned collar this method design of the sleeves looks fashionable.
One turn of the cuff with buttoned cuffs.

Method to use if you want to shorten the sleeve, leaving the cuff in sight. Undo the cuffs, wrap it one turn and fasten neatly, spreading the folds of the shirt underneath. This is a simple and effective way to shorten the sleeve without any effort.