Regulation of exchanges of substances are particularly concerned about those who dream of a beautiful figure. And there are today becoming more and more. In our body the process of exchange of substances controls the endocrine and nervous systems. Endocrine glands produce hormones that affect metabolic processes in tissues and organs. The Central parts of the nervous system regulate the secretion of hormones endocrine glands and their entry into the blood.
There are three types of metabolism: accelerated, normal and economical. People with fast metabolism can eat anything and plenty. The fats in their bodies are burned much faster than accumulate. Normal metabolism helps people to maintain a more or less decent form. But people with a Thrifty metabolism can't afford food nothing more. It's just those who "water fullness", as they say.
To find out what kind of metabolism you have, it is possible, having biochemical examination of the body. But, first, it is expensive and not available to all. Secondly, for a long time. And thirdly, is possible only in large cities.
There is a simple test to determine your type of metabolism. Hold it in a calm normal setting, preferably on Sunday. The room should be cool.
Waking up, follow all hygienic procedures, except in the shower. Dress so that was cool, but not holodnova! In the evening you should be prepared with oatmeal, boiled in water (optional).
Heat 300g of porridge to room temperature, and quickly eat, not drinking. Disgusting, tasteless, but one once you can!
Wait a few minutes. If you become hot, perspiration, you have an accelerated metabolism. If you just heat normal metabolism, but if you don't feel anything is a sign of the economical, slow metabolism.