Advice 1: How to find out your metabolism

The exchange of substances or, as it is called, metabolism is the breakdown of nutritional substances in the body and converting them into energy. Everyone knows that proper exchange of substances depends on their physical condition, mood and appearance of a person.
How to find out your metabolism
Regulation of exchanges of substances are particularly concerned about those who dream of a beautiful figure. And there are today becoming more and more. In our body the process of exchange of substances controls the endocrine and nervous systems. Endocrine glands produce hormones that affect metabolic processes in tissues and organs. The Central parts of the nervous system regulate the secretion of hormones endocrine glands and their entry into the blood.
There are three types of metabolism: accelerated, normal and economical. People with fast metabolism can eat anything and plenty. The fats in their bodies are burned much faster than accumulate. Normal metabolism helps people to maintain a more or less decent form. But people with a Thrifty metabolism can't afford food nothing more. It's just those who "water fullness", as they say.
To find out what kind of metabolism you have, it is possible, having biochemical examination of the body. But, first, it is expensive and not available to all. Secondly, for a long time. And thirdly, is possible only in large cities.
There is a simple test to determine your type of metabolism. Hold it in a calm normal setting, preferably on Sunday. The room should be cool.
Waking up, follow all hygienic procedures, except in the shower. Dress so that was cool, but not holodnova! In the evening you should be prepared with oatmeal, boiled in water (optional).
Heat 300g of porridge to room temperature, and quickly eat, not drinking. Disgusting, tasteless, but one once you can!
Wait a few minutes. If you become hot, perspiration, you have an accelerated metabolism. If you just heat normal metabolism, but if you don't feel anything is a sign of the economical, slow metabolism.

Advice 2: How to find out your body type

Know your type of a Constitution useful for those who want to look beautiful and be healthy. The human body differently respond to the same training. Knowing what type of addition that applies your body, rational approach to eating.
How to find out your body type
Determine your body type by the method of Solovyov. Measure the thinnest place of the wrist. If your score is 15 -17( for women), 18 – 20 (for men) inches, you have asthenic Constitution, which is characterized by the proportionality of the parts of the body.If your wrist is more than 20 inches (for men) and more than 17 (for women), you have hypersthenic body type or it is called big-boned. Such people have broad shoulders, hips and short legs.If your wrist less than 18 cm (for men), and less than 17 (for women), you are the owner of asthenic physique. The limbs and neck of such people is long, then the muscles are not developed enough.
Please specify your type of Constitution in a descriptive classification of Sheldon.Ectomorph has a short torso with long arms and legs. They have narrow hands and feet. All muscles of the body long and thin and build them can be difficult. The shoulders are narrow. Metabolism fast, fat deposition does not occur. Have rich inner world. Touchy. Women of this type have high growth and low weight. Mesomorphy have a broad chest. Have a large body with strong muscles. People of this type, active, active, strong. Can increase body weight without any problems, but it is necessary to observe the proportions of the body. Are natural athletes. Women of this type can be of different height. Usually they have beautiful figure. Endomorphy characterized by soft muscles, short neck and round face. Quickly gain fat reserves, which are deposited on the hips. Easily build muscle mass. Like to have fun, eat well, irritable. They must adhere to a balanced diet. Women of this type are usually of small stature are more likely to have excess weight.
Remember that a clean body type is quite rare. Most people have a combination of the two, at least three constitutions. 88 to distinguish subtypes of combinations of the physique. The degree of availability of each type is denoted by credit units from 1 to 7. For example, if you have Ektomorf two units, mesomorph or six units, and endomorph – five, you have endometrin physique, ie you have well-developed muscles, but there is a tendency to weight increase.
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