To obtain a license for educational activity in Moscow, you need to contact the Department of education of the city of Moscow. But the license for certain educational activities gives only the Ministry of education. That the following educational activities:
1. educational activity of higher education institutions.
2. educational activities of military schools.
3. educational institutions of additional professional education under the jurisdiction of the Federal bodies of Executive power.
4. educational activities of scientific organizations in programs of postgraduate education.
5. educational institutions for children with deviant (deviant) behavior.
For obtaining a license for educational activity will be required to gather quite a large package of documents and to conduct a lot of preliminary work. Among the documents must contain:
1. the application for a license.
2. a copy of the Charter of the educational institution.
3. a copy of the certificate on entering of record about the legal entity of educational activity in the Unified state register of legal entities (EGRUL).
4. a copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax Department.
5. information about the structure of the future educational institution, the number of students, teachers.
6. documents on buildings and premises for educational institution.
7. copies of the documents confirming the right of an educational institution for the use or disposal of necessary educational and material base.
8. description of educational programs with a list of disciplines.
9. information about teachers.
10. copies of the opinions of CPS based on the compliance of sanitary regulations, the State fire service Federal mining and industrial supervision of Russia (operation of equipment).
11. the inventory of documents.
12. a document confirming payment of state duty.
Depending on the type of educational institution, you will need to attach additional documents. You can learn about them in Position about licensing of educational activity.
The decision on granting license for educational activity or refusal to grant shall be made within 60 days from the date of the registration statement. The license is issued not less than 3 years.