You will need
  • - pedagogical (defectology) higher education;
  • methodological programs;
  • - business plan;
  • developing equipment and didactic materials;
  • - children's furniture, toys and stationery;
  • - a lease of premises;
  • - staff.
Stand on the account in the employment centre. A special program will allow you to get help from the state to start their own business. But if you plan to attract employees, the amount of the payment doubled. At the labor exchange will explain what documents are required to open a private school for early development. Prepare a business plan, which clearly justify the significance of the opening of the center, calculate the amount of expenses, amount one services rendered, and the payback period of the project. Be sure to provide the tenancy agreement. Also open a Bank account. In tax inspection of register SP.
If you don't have their own methods and programmes of development, then you will approach the franchise system. The Internet to find a suitable organization offering similar services. Check out their training and development. Apply for franchising. The application is typically completed in an arbitrary form and must contain summary information, such as name, age and your education, experience and contact details. You must specify the city where you plan to open a centre and the number of children capable to take. You will be offered a package of preliminary information, and give information about company and business environment. The cost of the package will be different for different organizations. In the case of your consent, you sign a contract and work according to the developed schemes and methods of this company.
If you intend to organize educational activities, you will need an additional license to conduct educational activities. Issued by the licensing authorities for a period up to five years.
Hire an administrator and teaching staff. The reputation of your company will depend entirely on the credibility and qualifications of hired teachers. So approach very seriously to the selection of personnel. Also you will need the services of an accountant for accounting and submitting financial reports.