You will need
  • Mat for exercise.
  • Music.
Every girl dreams of a flat tummy. Beautiful pumped up the pressure of proud men. To achieve this, it is necessary to know how to swing a press.Many people complain that daily exercise, but the belly doesn't disappear. In fact, the press is swinging, only it's hidden under a layer of fat. This fat is not supplied with blood, so it is very difficult to remove. It is necessary to swing not only the upper and lower abs, but obliques. If at the same time to perform exercises for all abdominal muscles, you can achieve the desired result.Try to perform exercises in a ventilated room. Music will make you do at a fast pace, which will allow you to burn more fat. Begin to perform exercises with a light load, gradually increasing it. At a voltage of inhale and exhale when relaxing. Start exercise with stretching and then move on to the main part.- Starting position - lying on his back. Bend your legs at the knee, the feet tightly pressed against each other, his hands behind his head. Lift the body to the knees, lifting the shoulder blades off the floor, lower back stays in place.
- Same initial position, only lifting the torso, try to reach elbows to the opposite knees. Repeat the same with the elbow of the other hand.
- Same initial position, only the knees spread at shoulder width. Lift the body completely forward, arms outstretched.
- Initial position - lying on your back, extend hands to the sides palms to the floor. Raise your bent legs up at a right angle. Trying to breath to get the floor, tilt the legs in different directions. On the exhale, lift them to the starting position.
- Initial position - lying on your back, extend hands along a trunk. Lift the pelvis, leaving the lower back in place. Then lift the lower back, leaving the pelvis and the shoulders in place.
- Initial position - lying on back, hands behind head, bend your legs at the knees. Lift the upper and lower part of the body, at the same time trying to get the knees and elbows.
- Initial position - lying on his back, whole body stretched like a rope. The upper torso is twisted to the right, and lower left. Repeat, alternating position.Thus, for training the lower press, it is necessary to perform abdominal exercises leg lifts. For exercise upper abdominals - exercises to lift the torso. And in order to engage the oblique muscles, it is necessary to perform abdominal exercises twist the torso to the side.
You can invent a set of exercises, their variations. For example, hold between your knees plastic bottle, to draw the knees as close as possible to the abdomen and stay in this position for a count of five. To burn fat it is very important breath. You can during the day, doing their business, just to stretch and relax the stomach. When inhaling, you inflate the belly like a balloon and when you exhale - draw.After class, preferably within hours of eating nothing but fruit. You can drink cherry juice. Then body fat will be faster burnt.
After class, eat a fruit.