In order to marry a German, it is necessary to get acquainted. Although finding a suitable foreign groom a little more difficult than the groom domestic, it is not an obstacle for motivated women.
Do not look for a future German husband in bars and discos which are visited by foreigners. Although the chance to get acquainted with a man from abroad there is great, it is unlikely that it could lead to something serious. Foreign men come to these places to have a good time and relax and there are looking for is not a wife.
To meet foreign man, you can examine the list of German companies operating in your city, and get to work in one of them. In addition to the good work you will get acquaintance with the representatives of Germany, as co - workers, and sent to your branch. In case your job will involve travel to Germany, the chance of catching a husband will increase by several times.
If the job you don't want to change, go to exhibition, involving many foreign companies. Find out which business centers there is a German company, and go to lunch at a nearby café, since it is likely that your partner is having lunch in one of these cafes.
Also, try to get acquainted with the foreign man through the Internet, using the Dating sites with foreigners. Even if you don't find the man of your dreams, you will receive great experience in communicating with foreigners.
After you've met your man, he needs to please. Russian women do not have to put any extra effort. Russian wives are very popular in Europe and in Germany in particular. Europeans appreciate Russian women for their beauty, housekeeping, femininity. They are tired of their emancipated women and happy to marry foreign women that will give a warm family hearth. Therefore, in order to charm foreign man, must first demonstrate their femininity, and thriftiness.
Also, since in this case we are talking about how to marry a German, it is necessary to show such quality as practicality, since it is a national German trait. If you are used to throwing money to the wind, try to hide it from your partner. On the contrary, show him how you are able to save and to think about their own benefit is a very attractive quality, from the point of view of a German.