To remove spots of green stuff on the fabric, use one of the stain removers available in the free market. These synthetic products have a wide range of actions and help you in combat most of the problem spots. On the package of any stain remover you will find detailed instructions on how to use it.
Smooth, flat surface (linoleum, leather wipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, acetone or liquid varnish remover. To clear spots of green stuff on polished furniture will help ordinary pencil eraser. Before to use it with a cloth to remove the surface excess fluids.
If green paint stained carpet, upholstered furniture, apply on the stain a solution of 10% ammonia. This method is suitable for the removal of brilliant green with wooden panels.
Clothes made from cotton fabrics soak in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. For some tissue spots of green fodder can be removed by repeated washings with a conventional detergent.
Put on the spot in baking soda and pour a weak solution of vinegar. What happened a chemical reaction to make a spot of green stuff to disappear.
Dilute a small amount of starch with water, apply the resulting paste to the stain and leave for a couple of hours. Then wash it as usual.