If traces of iodine remained in the clothes, you can take two cups of water and dissolve them in a teaspoon of ammonia. Ready? Now soak in this solution a cotton swab or a cotton swab for the ears and treat the stain with a scrubbing. After that wash the thing. Instead of ammonia you can RUB the stain with raw potatoes.
The spots of green fodder can also be removed from clothing using hydrogen peroxide. For this soak the "taint" area on the clothing with hydrogen peroxide and then leave the thing for a couple of hours alone. The stain should disappear. This way you can easily remove the stain with a cotton cloth (and not only). Before processing, this method of wool or silk is better first try to apply the peroxide on a small and inconspicuous area of things.
Hydrogen peroxide is easy to handle and the stains planted on the solid surface of furniture or the floor. Moisten a cotton ball with peroxide and leave it on the surface. To be sure, a cotton pad can be pressed with something not very heavy. After a few hours the green should disappear.
Instead of hydrogen peroxide you can use medical alcohol. Not remove harmful spot? Then apply a baking soda and pour over weak vinegar solution. Under the action of the vinegar, the baking soda will foam, and the stain will disappear.
With lacquered surfaces of the furniture Zelenka , you can scrub the eraser, wetting the front of this spot with water. The green paint comes off easily and quickly.
Zelenka or fukortsin you can try to wash with ascorbic acid. Linoleum is cleaned from green stuff or acetone remover nail Polish (which, in principle, one and the same). After several washings, the stain too can get away with things.