You will need
  • - washing powder
  • - stain remover
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • - rubbing alcohol
  • - ammonia
  • - starch
  • - cotton pads
To begin wash soiled thing with applying stain remover without chlorine. But before that, carefully read the information that is usually written on the label of any clothing: the use of stain remover is highly undesirable. Special cautions if not, pour a small amount onto a dry spot, wait as much time as directed, then wash the thing in the usual way, add a little of the stain remover in the washing machine.
If you wash the green spot failed, help 3% hydrogen peroxide. To do this, or use it moistened with a cotton pad or pour a little peroxide on the stain. If the stain is fresh, it will disappear after a few seconds. After that wash the product in the usual way.
To get rid of the stain with rubbing alcohol. But remember that acetate fabrics it can not be used, as it can damage the color of fabric. Soak in it a cotton swab, and carefully buff the dirty place. Perhaps, to eliminate the green stuff from the clothing will take several swabs. After this procedure, don't forget to wash soiled thing.
On the same analogy it is possible to use ammonia. Take 1 Cup of water and dissolve in it half a teaspoon of ammonia. Then try to RUB the stain moistened with a cotton pad, and then send the thing in the wash.
Wet the stain with water and liberally sprinkle it with starch. Then brush off the starch and repeat the procedure again until then, until all residue will begin to disappear. Then wash the product by adding to the powder a small amount of stain remover. To wash the stain of green fodder will be much easier if it is fresh. If it is "painted" on clothing for several hours or days, it would require the repetition of any of these methods.