If you want you can buy a new original cartridge, if the printer refuses to print. But the difference in cost between the cartridge and the bottle of ink is very large. So it's worth a try to refill the cartridge yourself and save money. Before refilling the cartridge you need to pay attention to its integrity and lack of damage on the case. Also when refilling any cartridge of ink should be injected slowly to avoid air bubbles.

How to refill cartridge of inkjet printer

Cartridge is the standard capacity for inks that provide print. But for different printer models there are different methods of refilling ink. For refilling inkjet printer cartridge must be removed and seal the exit wound a small piece of tape. If the tank has holes on the lid, you should insert the needle of the syringe to the bottom of the cartridge and gently pumped ink. In the absence of holes will have to be done independently. After filling is necessary to seal the filling hole and the exhaust hole should be released.

If the cartridge has some vent holes, all of them need to seal with tape. In the corner of the cartridge drill out the filling hole and slowly insert the ink. Then tightly seal it with tape or a special tube. Remove the tape from the vent holes and produce the pumping of air into the process hole.

Some inkjet printers cartridges refuel through the side vents. By the way, refilling colour and black printer cartridges - they are completely different processes. For refilling color cartridge will need to remove the top cover and to seal the two holes for the fill ink. In the third hole pumped paint. Then alternately filled with ink and other openings.

How to refill a cartridge laser printer

For refilling of laser printer cartridge make a hole in the toner hopper and fill with fresh toner. For this you will need a funnel. At the end of the operation hole to seal the tape. But to do it with a soldering iron, scalpel, or a special drill. If you use the drill or a scalpel, it is necessary to shake out from the bunker all the shavings together with the remnants of the old toner. It should not be too deeply introduced into the body, so as not to damage the structure of the printer.