You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • inkjet cartridge;
  • ink cartridge refills;
  • syringe 5 ml.
Note that actions, which will be described relate to the refueling that is the printer cartridges, but if you have a device three-in-one (printer, scanner, Fax), it is likely that this method of refilling cartridges you will not do.
First you need to buy ink for the printer. You need to buy it for your model. If you want to fill a color cartridge, you will need a few bottles of colored ink, depending on the type of cartridge. For example, the color cartridges Canon printers IP series are filled with three colours (blue, yellow, red). You will also need regular medical syringe (preferably 5 ml) and needle to it.
Turn on the printer. After switching on wait for about ten seconds. Next, open the printer cover. After that, the carriage with the print head needs to travel to the center. Now remove the desired cartridge from the printhead. On top of the cartridge must be plugged. It should be removed. Detach it from the cartridge with a sharp object such as knife.
Now you need to make a hole on top of the cartridge, opposite the printhead, which is at the bottom of the cartridge. Warm at the fire of an ordinary sewing needle, but not too thin, and pierce the cartridge. If you fill the color cartridge depending on the cartridge model, holes need some.
Before you start refilling the cartridge, lay in this place a few Newspapers, because you can accidentally spill the ink. And wash it lightly. View the owner's manual for your printer model, how many ml of ink your print cartridge. This information can also be viewed on the official website of the vendor of the printer.
Fill the syringe the ink. To gain need for one, two milliliters less than is placed in the cartridge. Now with the syringe to pour ink into the hole that you punched. When the ink to be refilled, tape a small piece of tape holes. Now, the next time you fill the cartridge, just enough to unstick the tape.