You will need
  • suppositories prescribed by your doctor, vaseline or baby cream
If the child is already grown up, be sure to explain to him that it was going to do what's necessary for his recovery and it's much better shots. Try to have the child you trusted, otherwise the procedure is quite painful and unpleasant for both of you.
The child is younger, try to distract. For this you can call for the help of someone close to you, as you will be directly involved with the introduction of candles.
Warm the candle in front of its introduction at room temperature. It is possible to take a little medicine in the hands or directly in the package dipped in warm water.
Wash your hands thoroughly and release a candle from the packaging.
Put the child on the left side. You can lubricate the anal opening baby baby cream or vaseline.
Bend the child's legs at the knees and hip joints, lock them in this position. In infants the introduction of a suppository can also be done in the supine position with reduced to the belly legs (as in diaper change).
Left hand to gently spread the buttocks, and the right gently but firmly enter a candle in anal the hole, pointed end first, holding her finger.
Hold child's buttocks together for 1-2 minutes, otherwise the candle may be reflexively squeezed back. Better if some time (at least half an hour) the child lie very still.