You will need
  • - passport;
  • phone.
Prepare the passport. To block the card you must provide the personal data of the person to whom it was issued. If the first time you find yourself in this situation and are afraid to dictate the data, don't worry. This should be done in order to compare them with the data in the contract. This will confirm your identity and right to block the card.
Locate the phone. You can call from home or work, ask a friend, wife, friend. Dial a single phone Utel: 8 800 300 1800 (or 8 800 300 1802).
Wait for the tone. Listen carefully to information provided by the hints. I phone in tone mode and press the desired number.
Wait for a response operator. To report the loss or theft phone with SIM card. Tell me what you want it to block.
Inform passport data tariff plan, the balance of the card to the operator. The card will be blocked. Be sure to ask at what time this happen and is there any need for you to appear in person at the sales office. Sometimes a lock card on the phone is made only for a day.
Utel provides a convenient way of obtaining a new SIM card with your old number. Ask the operator where and when you can get a new card. Thus, you will continue to use the same set of numbers, and friends will not have to memorize a new one.