You will need
  • powder;
  • - bleach;
  • - stain;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - soda.
White towels can be boil. If they are large and stubborn stains, pre-soak the items in lukewarm water with added detergent. After a few hours, boil them, adding water to the powder and oxygen bleach. Thoroughly rinse the towels, dry and iron.
Add warm water and hydrogen peroxide (2 tablespoons per liter). In the solution soak towels in 5-8 hours, can leave overnight. In the morning be sure to wash. Keep the material in such solution not too long, the fabric may begin to deteriorate.
Apply the detergent to the detergent on the stains. Leave for a day and then just wash it. Usually after pre-treatment completely removed the contamination on the fat basis.
Terry towels can not be boiled, so I just let them soak in a strong solution powder (the detergent dose should be 2 times higher than recommended). Leave overnight and in the morning wash it in the machine. From stains and other contaminants will not be over, of course, if you used a quality powder, preferably with an optical Brightener.
Add with each wash bleach for light towels or bleach for the color. And if the water is hard, and a tablespoon of baking soda to enhance the action of detergents. Even if the jewelry is dirty, they will gradually disappear.
If you have dirty water, which when heated turns yellow, pre-filter it. Only after this wash light towels. Will have to do it manually. Otherwise, the fabric will settle and plaque, which are poorly removed in conventional powder.
Give towels to the dry cleaners, if you fail to wash them at home. Experts use professional tools that help to remove even the most stubborn dirt.