To begin with, of course, you must achieve two goals. First, to pump and to keep in tone the muscles of the abdomen, the second to minimize body fat. And this will help you diet and performance of special physical exercises.
Universal abs exercises as such does not exist. Each person needs a set of exercises , it all depends on his individual characteristics. But in any case, the most appropriate time for the exercises is the morning, and for best results, each exercise should be repeated 20 to 25 times, gradually increasing the load.
And so pumped and tight stomach again covered by a layer of fat, you need this fat to burn. And then you can use several options, for example, running, Cycling, aerobics, etc.
Diet is better to choose special so-called "zone". And a list of the main products of this diet include: nuts, seeds, legumes, fresh vegetables, dairy products, eggs, poultry, fish, seafood, olive and peanut butter, fresh fruit. You can also arrange fasting days. And the most suitable products for these days are apples and yogurt. During these days of discharge are excreted from the body all the toxins.
Try to use breathing exercises. It is also effective because we all know that to burn fat in the human body needs oxygen.
There is another way of getting rid of fat in the press – liposuction (a surgical operation during which the fat was aspirated under General anesthesia). After fat removal, if necessary, remove excess skin and tighten it. But before you resort to this method several times weigh the pros and cons. Do not immediately discount the obvious benefits of exercise.