Most users of modern smartphones equipped with popular operating system Symbian OS, faced with the problem check system certificates applications for this operating system. For security purposes, each application installed on the smartphone must be equipped with a special signed certificate. Application without certificate or with an expired certificate is considered untrusted and the operating system prevents it from installing. That the application has not passed the certificate check, the user is notified of the message "the certificate's validity Period has expired" or "Invalid certificate" may occur and error messages of other content.

To avoid such messages when you install new games, software or themes for your smartphone, you need to disable certificate validation. This will allow you to bypass the circuits control the operating system and install in the device themes and diverse applications (including games), whose origin is not confirmed by a valid certificate.

To disable certificate validation operating system, you can use the following instruction:

  1. Navigate to Tools — Settings — Applications — application Manager — certificate Verification — Disabled or open Tools — application Manager — certificate Verification is Disabled.

  2. The value of the item "Prog. set" change from "signed" to "all".

Certificate validation is disabled. If you install themes or games, however, could not, attempt to the smartphone calendar for 6 or 12 months ago. It will also help to bypass the certificate validation, the validity of which has expired.

Be aware that disabling certificate validation is a potential threat to the security of the operating system of the phone, not allowing her to monitor and prevent malicious and potentially dangerous software from sources that are not trusted. If the smartphone user has decided to disable the certificate checking, it means that all the responsibility for the consequences of the launch of certain applications on the smartphone falls squarely on his own shoulders, so unless absolutely necessary, it is not recommended.