To disable service check the digital signature of the driver type gpedit.msc. In the opened after pressing Enter the local group policy editor, locate the configuration panel user, then navigate to the section called Administrative templates. Open the "System" and navigate to the settings menu of the driver installation process.
Select "Digital signature and device drivers" in the opened window, select the action "Disable". Apply and save the changes, then when you install the device drivers will no longer be displayed on the discrepancy between digital signatures. Please note that this is not recommended for your own safety.
If you want to display about the lack of digital signature software for the Windows operating system, go to the above-mentioned menu configuration settings and enable it, but note that this will also require you to select the mode of verification of device drivers and further action.
If the security alert does not allow you to run certain programs to operate the network, perform additional configuration of the Windows firewall. To do this, open the control panel by the computer and in the menu go to "security Settings".
In the opened window at the bottom, select firewall settings. In the window that appears, select the Exceptions tab and check the program call which is prohibited by the system. If not listed, add it using the "Browse" button. Before you apply the changes make sure that the program is not malicious, as many of them can masquerade as all known utilities.