You will need
  • Personal computer
In General we can say that the procedure to disable alerts operating system is not so difficult, just need to make certain settings. To cancel an alert system, security Windows, go to "control Panel" on your computer. Next go to "software security". Now select the "Resources" and then "Change the way alerts. This is the first way to solve this problem. There is another.
In the tab "Run" type "msconfig". Next, go to the tab "Services". In large window you can see the name of the service, its manufacturer, as well as state, i.e. it works or not. Locate the service called "software security"and disable it. But besides this there is another, much quicker option. To disable notifications of system security in this way is necessary in the moment when you will see this alert, click on the line "setting the issue of such notification".
When you do, you will see a window that displays a scale with four possible values, where the lowest is "Never notify", and the most high – "Always notify". The default is "Notify me only when programs try to make changes to your computer". Of course, the third option is the most simple and convenient, since it is possible to set the value that is optimally suited for convenient work with the computer, because it is always better to use this method, and no problems with the system will not.
As you can see, to disable the alert system security Windows introducing program changes in the computer or other actions using the way that is comfortable for you.