You will need
  • - beat
  • - compassion
If you want to Express condolences to someone you see every day, for example, a work colleague, walk up to him quickly and say something simple, such as "what happened is terrible. Please let me know if anything I can do to help you." It's simple and to the point.
If you were close to the person to Express condolences, you can write a letter to his family, which may, for example, tell your favorite story related to the departed. When people are grieving, they feel a little better knowing how much others care.
Try to figure out how you can help the grieving (it depends on how close you are). You can offer to cook dinner or help with house cleaning. But make it if you really want to be useful in this difficult time.
The best way to Express condolences - to come to the funeral (and later to the Wake and meeting after a week and a month after the funeral). The bereaved will appreciate the fact that you came to support them.