You will need
  • Foam, wooden plank of small thickness and of considerable length, tape, loose fabric, cutter, cardboard, wire
Make the hull from foam. Make the bottom flat, and raise its height by about 3 cm In this case, the mast will sit tight, will not fall when moving on the water. Cut out the body in stages – take first, the contour of the deck, then sharpen the nose, then follow the taper of sides and stern.
Panel housing is made of foam cardboard. To do this, cut out the desired shape the contour of the sides, stern, bulwarks, adding another 7 mm at the top. Similarly, vykroyte deck part. All the details color. Next on deck, mark the place where will be inserted the mast. Glue the trim to the body using glue or tape.
Carved from planks of mast and yards. Fasten them together with wire. Vykroyte sails of fabric so that the width of the sail was more her height. Tie sails to the yards by means of threads or wire.
Insert the mast in the ship, in the points marked on the deck. Make the wheel. For this little piece of cardboard stick in the foam at the stern, right in the center of symmetry of the ship. Lower it so that it is submerged.