You will need
  • - drawing models;
  • materials: plywood, cardboard, veneer, strips, brass, paint, glue;
  • tools: jigsaw, drill, lathe;
Locate the drawing that you will create a model of the ship – such as the Internet. Transfer on tracing paper set details of the ship, if necessary, scale them to the desired size. Using a reflective decal paper, transfer the drawings set of 3-4 mm plywood. Saw out the parts with a jigsaw, treat them. Then connect using PVA glue. You will receive a case of the future model without upholstery.
The lining can be made from different materials, for example, quality thin cardboard or veneer. Attach strips with glue, be careful that it does not SAG between the frames, forming a wave. For this reason, it is better to use two rows of diagonal sheathing running crosswise. The body will be more tough and durable.
Having collected the body, just to make it stand. Further Assembly of the model will be spending much more convenient, you will visibly see the birth of your ship. Lay the deck, install the mast. Do everything very carefully, do not allow negligence – on close examination, the trained eye will notice all of your flaws. The quality of the simulation is determined by the accuracy and depth of study of all the details.
If your ship has cannons, you will have to master the basics of turning the case. All guns are machined from brass or bronze rods, this is the best material. You can carve them out of plastic, then paint bronze paint, but the result will be much worse.
On a lathe you will have to carve and many other details. The material is usually wood. You can build a simple lathe for yourself, based on the electric drill or the drive of the sewing machine (it is more convenient as it has a foot pedal speed adjustment). On the model of a sailing ship is always a lot of chiseled details, so to do without a lathe is difficult.
Pay special attention to the rigging. Pick for him thread the same color and weave, to make them better match the original. When sewing sails try to do without a sewing machine, since the machine stitching immediately visible and spoils the impression about the model. The material for the sails is also pick carefully, it should call the accuracy. Very neat work on the flags.
Important role in the creation of a model is its colouring. For a model wooden ship would the best natural color of stained wood. It is possible to obtain a lubricating paneling and other wood parts with a solution of potassium permanganate or iodine. Painted surfaces are coated with matte varnish. Good result give art paints, they can be purchased in stores for artists. There you can purchase oil or acrylic paint.
Model sailing ships are usually not designed for navigation on water, they have a completely different task – to please the eye. Therefore, materials can be anything, including hydrophobic, but the quality of them parts should be perfect.