You will need
  • Sound card, computer
Turn on the computer, wait until Windows starts. In the lower left corner of the monitor click the ”start” button, then select the tab “My computer”, in the opened window locate the “Properties” and go to the next menu called “system Properties”. In the window that appears, click the Hardware tab - you will see the window consists of four tabs. You need first to “device Manager”. In the displayed list, locate and open “Sound, video and game controllers”. The top line will be the name of your sound card.
Another option for finding information on your sound card is using programs like “SISandra” and “Everest”. These programs give complete information on your computer, including even the producers and release date of the devices installed on your computer.
If you have installed DirectX, you can run Direct diagnostic, choose in the menu window “Sound”, and you will also learn the name of the sound card. The last option is disassembly of the system unit.