Advice 1: How to know what sound card is on the computer

If you have no sound or playback from the speakers audible wheezing and grinding sound, then you have not installed the driver for the sound card. To properly media programs needed to install drivers for the sound card. To install the driver and correct it work you need to have information about what sound card is installed you have to install only the driver that you need.
It looks like a standard sound card
You will need
  • Sound card, computer
Turn on the computer, wait until Windows starts. In the lower left corner of the monitor click the ”start” button, then select the tab “My computer”, in the opened window locate the “Properties” and go to the next menu called “system Properties”. In the window that appears, click the Hardware tab - you will see the window consists of four tabs. You need first to “device Manager”. In the displayed list, locate and open “Sound, video and game controllers”. The top line will be the name of your sound card.
Another option for finding information on your sound card is using programs like “SISandra” and “Everest”. These programs give complete information on your computer, including even the producers and release date of the devices installed on your computer.
If you have installed DirectX, you can run Direct diagnostic, choose in the menu window “Sound”, and you will also learn the name of the sound card. The last option is disassembly of the system unit.
Useful advice
Now that you know all about your sound card, you can find your driver on the Internet, simply by driving the model of your sound in a search engine and clicking on links you will be shown. Install the new driver on your PC and then restart it. After installing the driver your multimedia program will work correctly and will not bring you a lot of inconvenience.

Advice 2: Why the need for a sound card

The purpose of the sound cards is revealed in the title. It is designed to work with sound: conversions from digital-to-analog (playback) and analog to digital (recording).
Sound card
The concept of "sound card" is now firmly entrenched in all the dictionaries and is even used by people who do not have big knowledge in computer field. Therefore it is necessary to clarify and to analyze in more detail the purpose of this small device.

The purpose of the sound card

The presence of a sound card is a prerequisite for sound creation and its further playback connected to the computer speakers. Can you give a comparison of its features with the features of the graphics card that creates the image and provides its subsequent output to the monitor. Only in the case with a sound card the object being created will be sound. Among the huge variety of available sound cards there are separate classes that differ in some respects.
The first external sound card went on sale in 1986. It was simple and allowed you to play monophonic digital sound.

The types of sound cards

The main difference separating the card is used, the method of installation. In this parameter, they are divided into cards that are embedded in the motherboard, and the cards perform their function as a separate device.
The motherboard is a complex multi-layered printed circuit Board. It is the basis for building a personal computer.
The second type of cards is much more expensive, but the quality of the reproduced sound of them is much higher. For users which do not impose any special requirements for sound quality it is quite suitable conventional embedded sound card that produces good enough sound. Their use will save the user from having to configure the card and look for the appropriate drivers. This map is, by and large, is a further device that is placed on the motherboard.

Sound card professional level will be needed to professional musicians and others associated with the world of music to people. These cards have many advanced features and adjust to the individual preferences of the user. Sold in a set of this card usually comes with a remote control. They can be equipped with other useful options.

For the main mass of the population is quite suitable cheaper and less functional built-in sound card. Additional opportunities will only be an expensive burden, which is unlikely to be appreciated and applied in practice.

Advice 3: How to determine what my sound card

For years to use a computer and not know at the same time, what it consists of. In General, a standard user in most cases does not need to know about what processor is inside the computer, or whose production the RAM. But sometimes there are situations when this information becomes necessary. For example, you need to know what sound card installed in the computer.
How to determine what my sound card
You will need
  • Computer, a sound card, the program AIDA64 Extreme Edition, or access to the Internet in order to download, basic skills for installing programs and working with the computer.
If you still have a full package of documents on the computer, which includes a detailed list of parts and manual to the motherboard, learn model of sound card installed is not difficult. It will be included in the list of components. Or, if it is built into the motherboard, the instructions definitely will indicate exactly what the sound card is integrated to it. However, this simple method is often unavailable. The documents tend to get lost, and have to use other methods of identification.
If the computer no sources, no information about it, no big deal. He "he'll tell you." Download and install the software to test hardware AIDA64 Extreme Edition. The installation file can be downloaded from the developer's site, the installation process is simple and does not require additional settings.
Run the program. In the left part of the main window displays a list of items in the main menu. Select "Multimedia". In the popup submenu, select the "Audio PCI / PnP". In the right part of the window appears with the full name of your sound card. In the rest of the items on this submenu you can find information about driver version and audio codecs installed in the operating system.
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