You will need
  • - new counter;
  • - permission to transfer of the metering device of electricity.
Agree on the possibility of transfer of electricity meter from the management office that is responsible for the maintenance of intrahouse networks. Write a statement and get permission to dismantle and the subsequent installation of the new appliance in his apartment.
If you get permission, make a statement with a request to transfer the location of your meter with a floor shield to your living space. Be sure to mention that warrant the provision of access controllers, who check the electricity meters and take readings.
Specialists of the management of the organization will hold all appropriate electrical work, test your new device and seal it. They should make his report on the implementation of migration in two copies, one of which will stay with you. All the work you have to pay for themselves.
But it may be another situation in which the transfer of the IPU will be impossible. Project documentation your home should provide for the possibility of transfer of the counter from the area in the apartment. The cost of any change in the plan of an apartment building is quite large, so before you insist on moving, think again.
If you want to perform electrical work on their own, note that arbitrarily disconnect and connect the electricity metering devices is strictly prohibited. This can only be done by a representative of the management of the organization.
A new device to replace choose from those that are designed to work in networks, which have a voltage of 220 volts and current up to ten amps. It needs to have a passport and a valid certificate of conformity. Even on the meter should be sealed with a mark that indicates gospoverki.
Modern devices provide multi-tariff system of payment of electricity, which will provide you with monthly savings in the payment.