If the card you chose to install to the phone, not a new one, transfer it into the computer the data that you need. Use the card reader. After work do not forget to disable the map by means of the operating system installed on the computer. Only then remove it from the reader.
If you are not sure that the memory card does not contain bad blocks, pre-make a full format on the computer. Only after that install it in your phone. Remember that you still have to format it further and phone to it was automatically created the necessary folders. In Linux formatting in edmontonjournal perform the unmount, but not eject the extracted command the map command:mkfs.vfat -c-F 32 /dev/sda1
Then install the card into the phone. Camera older models it will have to shut down. It is also necessary to do with the modern telephone if the card slot is under the battery.
Turn on the phone, if you previously disabled it. Wait for the download. Then press intended for the menu.
Look in menu of your file Manager. It is located may be different. For example, in the folder "Tools" or in the folder "Applications" - "organizer".
Select in file Manager memory card. Go for it.
Go to file Manager and select "Functions memory card" - Format.
Answer Yes to several questions. Select your desired disc label.
Wait until formatting ends. Then install the memory card to the desired application set, place on it and other files that you want to watch or listen to via phone. Use data cable, card reader, Bluetooth, and unlimited access and download them from the Internet. Do not break at the same copyright. Remember that phone the memory card is also required before removing off.