You will need
  • Master Voyager, TrueCrypt или MyFolder.
Install a program that allows you to work with map memory. You can use the utility Master Voyager. If you want to create a specific partition on the flash drive and close it, use TrueCrypt. But if you want to close a specific file or folder, install the application to MyFolder.
Master Voyager enables you to create not only a secure flash drive, but also help to perform operations on the USB Flash that have the ability to set the default password is blank. The program sets up a special protected area for access to which you need to enter the password. To set the password used by the AES algorithm, which is the most common method of encryption at the moment.
TrueCrypt is one of the most powerful for creating encrypted disks utilities. The program supports many encryption algorithms. You can encrypt not only USB flash drive but also a system disk, the system will be minimally loaded. Encryption takes place in real time, which is convenient for system and for user.
MyFolder is a small and fast program that requires no installation. It works with almost any carrier and just a couple of clicks allows you to restrict the access to any file or folder on the flash drive.
Install the most suitable program and insert it into the card reader of your computer card memory.
Run the utility and set your password in the appropriate point of the program. Select the drive and click assign password.
Many mobile phones in your menu have a feature of a password - just go to file Manager of your device and choose the corresponding menu item.