For further work check the installation settings for mobile Internet on your phone.
Disable package with a special page published on the official website of the operator at To do this, in the browser type the following address:
To manage the service "Video portal" you need to get access to the area. On the opened page, specify the code that is written in the picture, and enter your phone number. After these steps, click "Send".
Your phone will receive a service message which will contain a link to the access area. Enter it in the address bar. After that you can manage the service via mobile Internet. If you want to disable, you just need to specify this in the menu.
Disable the service by means of special USSD-command. The combination of symbols depends on the connected before you software package. To disable the basic package, dial from your phone: *506*0*1# and the call key. In that case, if you connect to the child package, disable it with the command: *506*0*4#.
Remember, using a USSD command you activated the program. To disable, simply insert the number "0". For example, when connecting the package "International", you entered the symbols: *506*7# and a call key. To disable, enter: *506*0*7# and the call key.
Disable the service "Video portal" through SMS messages. To do this, send a text to the short number 5060. The message content will be different, it depends on the connected package. For example, to disable the "Basic" send a text "Stop 1". Package "Sport" is disabled with text "stop sport" and a "18+ Premium" - "stop 18".
Disable the serviceby contacting any office of the cellular operator. If you currently have a passport.