Reflect the volume of alcoholic beverages in the Declaration dal with a precision of three decimal places. For the filling used a ballpoint or fountain pen with black or blue ink. You can also use the printed form. Make each count of the Declaration only one indicator, if one is missing, put a dash.
Indicate in the "Name of declarant" of the organizational-legal form, the abbreviated and the full name of the declarant, which correspond to the constituent documents. Tick the relevant boxes of the INN and KPP codes, legal and actual address of the enterprise. Specify the series, registration number and validity period of license for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages issued by the declarant.
Fill code type and name of alcoholic beverages. Enter the capacity of consumer packaging in liters, where bottled alcoholic products. Let the data about the amount of alcohol in deciliters, which remained at the beginning of the reporting period and subject to Declaration. Note the volume content of alcoholic beverages in absolute alcohol.
Enter the details of the manufacturer: name and taxpayer identification number. Complete the supplier data: name, INN, code, number, series and validity period of the license, the address of shipment. Put in the column "activity Code vendor" value "1" if the alcoholic beverages received from the manufacturer, the value "2" if it came from a wholesale organization, or "3" if the intake was from other structural units of the declarant.
Note the data in the dal during the reporting period, according to which alcoholic beverages were received, was returned, written off, and also implemented the enterprise. Count the amount of products left over at the end of the reporting period. Summarize the overall results on all types of alcoholic beverages.