You will need
  • Computer, Internet, personal Bank account.
The fastest payment method will not allow to spend free time on payment of cellular communication. When you use mobile Bank services can significantly speed up this process. To activate the service "Mobile banking", you need to get a debit plastic card of one of the nearby banks. Plastic card allows you to perform most operations related to the payment of any of the services, including payment of cellular communication. Depending on the Bank you choose, can last from 3 weeks or more. Your map is attached personal Bank account, despite the fact that the card you get only after some time, the transfer of money can be produced some time after the paperwork.
When you order for plastic cards, it is necessary to connect service "Mobile Bank". Each Bank the name of this service may have different names. After receiving the card you need to go to the nearest Bank of theATA and in the section "online services" choose the item you receive login and password to access your map via the Internet. On your request of Bankat will analyse your card and will print checks, which will be the data required to connect to card via the Internet.
While at the computer, go to your Bank's website and select "Internet service needs" or "Mobile banking". On the opened page you need to enter their details (login and password). If the browser prompts you to save your login and password, refrain from this action. Part of the data which saves the browser can be stolen.
After you log in to Mobile banking, select "Payments" or "Operation". Select "Cellular communications", vyberite your mobile operator and enter the number of your phoneand the number "8". Enter the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the payment by mobile phone. Click "checkout" to complete the operation to transfer money from a plastic card on a mobile phone.