Advice 1: How to recharge a mobile phone through mobile banking

Mobile banking is a convenient set of services to manage the balance of your payment card. At any time to see how much is left on your account or send money to the card. Another very convenient feature is the ability to replenish your account on your mobile phone using this service. Everyone is faced with the situation when you need to call, and the money in mobile ended, and recharge as luck would have it nowhere. In this case, the service "Mobile Bank" will be most welcome.
How to recharge a mobile phone through mobile banking
To transfer funds to pay for the mobile phone through the service "Mobile banking" (for example, service of Sberbank of Russia, as the most popular), you need to send an sms message. It uses a special number - 900.
In the sms message, depending on your mobile operator, type: BEELINE or BEELINE, MEGAFON, or MEGAFON, MTS or MTS.
Next is the payment amount. Enter the numbers in your sms message, for example, 450. The amount of the Deposit will be respectively 450 rubles. Minimum payment - 100 roubles, maximum 10 000. If you do not specify a specific number, payment amount minimum amount (100 rubles).
After that, if necessary, enter the last 5 digits of your card. This is done only if "mobile banking" feature for several payment cards.

Advice 2 : How to recharge from mobile to mobile in the Beeline

It may happen that your friend or relative will spend all the money on the expense of your mobile phone will turn to you for help. And you have in the account, on the contrary, will be some of the "extra" amount in reserve. If both of you are using the services of mobile operator "Beeline" you can take the poor man some money from his account, using the service "Mobile transfer".
How to recharge from mobile to mobile in the Beeline
You will need
  • Mobile phone;
  • - a sufficient amount on the account.
Please note that transfer to another subscriber at a time you can least 10 R, but not more than 150 p. After the transfer to your account must be not less than 60 p. Applications for transfer you can send at intervals of no less than 2 minutes. Per day you can transfer to accounts of other subscribers of "Beeline" not more than 300 p
Do not forget that the recipient of the translation result should not be the amount in the account more than 3000 p. per day up to a maximum of 5 transfers from other subscribers. The recipient will be able to someone to transfer funds from your account no earlier than 24 hours after receipt of the translation.
Dial on the keypad of your phone the following:
*145*the recipient's phone number*amount of transfer#

Press the call key.
The phone number is entered in 10-digit format (without sevens and eights). For example, 9095673412. The amount can only be formulated as an integer.
Wait for messages from the system about the need to confirm your request for the money transfer. The message will include a verification code that you will need to type on the keyboard. The code would be approximately like this:
Enter the received code with the up to sign. Of course, if you didn't send money. When you have finished entering characters verification code, press the call key. On the screen of your cell phone will receive a message that your request has been accepted for consideration.
Wait for an SMS that the money is successfully transferred. In the message text will indicate the phone number of the recipient and the amount paid.
Do not worry if you think that you will not be able to memorize the command given above. To make an application for the transfer of money to the account of another subscriber of "Beeline" you can, through your phone's menu.
Look in menu of phone services from Beeline. Select the package "keep in touch", and "Mobile transfer". Take advantage of this service by activating the appropriate menu item and follow the prompts on the screen of your phone.
The service "Mobile transfer" fee! The money for the transfer is debited from the sender's account.
Useful advice
The subscribers of "Beeline" can transfer money not only to the accounts of each other, but also to subscribers of other cellular operators in Russia and the CIS. For this it is necessary to use service of Beeline. Money." Details you can find on the website
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