You will need
  • the wax pencil;
  • Polish;
  • - paint;
  • - Lac;
  • - putty;
  • - primer;
  • Movil;
  • - kerosene;
  • - gasoline;
  • gloves.
Chips are usually created from stones that fly from the wheels of oncoming and passing cars. A absolutely nothing pay no attention to the chipped – in their place very quickly may form rust. So you've decided to do the bodywork of your "iron friend". Repair small chips and scratches you can handle yourself.
An excellent tool for dealing with small chips may become a wax pencil. Just apply it on a clean dry surface and RUB for a while.
For more extensive chipping of the pencil will not fit – it is very quickly erased. Such chips it is best to paint with paint the color of the car. If the chip did not reach the metal, but only slightly affected the primer, it is necessary to spread Cotabato Polish, and then covered with a protective paint.
Anyway, most of the chips still have repaired professionally. To prepare the site of cleavage to treatment, you need to clean it from dust and dirt, degrease and dry. If you are already visible traces of rust, make sure you first treat the chip with a special tool so that rust doesn't start to spread inside the metal.
Now Polish the place of the chip to make the transition zone of the paint less visible. Next, you need manually or using a special machine to Polish the place, preparing for the application of putty, though, so don't get on base coat.
The coating is applied in a thin layer not more than 2 mm. Thick layer can easily be split off, and have to do it all over again. The putty must be applied to complete alignment of surfaces with native paint, so you may need several layers. Grind again, carefully checking the boundaries of the native putty and paint.
Now you can apply the primer. Many car owners go directly to painting, what does not affect the quality of work with a good putty. The paint should be applied in 2-3 layers, each time slightly increasing the surface of the painting. The interval between coats should be approximately 5 minutes. Finally, apply a transparent coating that will strengthen the paint.