Remove the tank hatch and pick up on it the paint at the store topcoats. Also you can read a number of your paint specifications to your car. Be careful - the numbers from different manufacturers may vary. In the same store purchase the primer; if the chip is severe (to the metal), then buy primer for metal. If not, then on to the paintwork. You should also buy a filler if you want the chip was sealed efficiently. Buy another spatula, preferably rubber.
Wash the car and wipe it dry with a cloth. Carry out all work in the garage. It will protect the painted area from direct sunlight. Clean with a chip to the factory ground cloth "nulevkoy". Rinse and clean the stripped surface with acetone. After degreasing, place the soil in a thin layer and dry with a Hairdryer. Clean again the surface nulevkoy. Put another layer of soil. The procedure must be repeated several times (2-3). Remember that if you are the owner of the car, which is not the first, clean the surface do not have. Colored area may differ from the total body in the best way that will be immediately evident. Remember that the soil is easily washed off with acetone, and dried soil – gasoline.
After applying the primer, inspect the chip (if the lighting is bad, with the lamp). If it's deep, fill it. It is necessary to putty a small gap to align with the main layer of paint. After that, clean off unnecessary filler sandpaper (my best).
Take pre-purchased a spray can of matched paint and begin to evenly apply paint on the putty surface. Before applying the paint, read the instructions written on the can. Remember that the spray must be kept at the same distance stated in the instructions. If the distance is less than you need, to get stains, if then - the surface is matte (the paint will dry before you reach the surface). Do not apply paint in a thick layer. Better gently, little by little, a few times. Before a subsequent layer previous clean nulevkoy. Refrain from traveling by car in day of carrying out of painting works. You can just stain the painted surface.