You will need
    • capacity with a wide neck
    • gauze
    • deep spoon
    • mixer
Pour the milk into a container with a wide neck and put in a cool place for a day. During this time, the fatty part of the milk will rise up. If the container is transparent, you can see how the volume of milk divided into two layers, the first layer - cream and a second skim milk.
Take a deep spoon and gently remove the top thick layer of milk. Skim the cream does not dispose of, they can be used instead of sour cream or bake a cake by adding cream to the dough or cream.
If you think that milk and after skimming a little fat, you can continue to degrease. Take a mixer and whip milk at high speed. Fat component of this product prevratitsa particles in oil.
Take cheesecloth and fold it in 4 layers. Strain whipped in a mixer the milk through the layers of gauze. Fatty portion that has increased density, will remain on the gauze. After degreasing product will have a fat content of approximately 1.5% to 2.2%. But it's worth noting that skimmed milk is not so tasty as it was initially.