Normalized call milk that has passed technological processing. So it is treated primarily for sale in the shops. Such a procedure is long does not allow the milk to turn sour, so that the product can long time to stand on the shelves, and then in the refrigerator buyers.

Methods of processing milk

The purpose of the milk producers for sale of this product in the stores – don't allow it to sour for as long as possible. To achieve this effect, there are many ways of processing milk. One of the cheapest and widespread sterilization. In this case, natural product a lot of times bring to the boil.
Standardized milk with the desired fat is obtained from raw whole milk.

Also as a technological treatment of milk use pasteurized. This method is compared with the first more costly, but it is more soft. While organic milk for about half an hour is kept at a temperature of 65-70°.

With the normalization of milk is adjusted to the required fat content, mixing this product with milk or another fat, or skim, or cream. Also to bring this product to the required level of fat is possible with the help of his separation - in other words, the processing of milk in the separator.
Powder product the taste is slightly sweet, reminiscent of milk.

There is another method of normalization of milk, in which it is reduced. It is a product, which is made from powder. The producer mixes just powdered milk with water, then pouring the resulting mixture in packets and sends it to the shelves. But only if you can't distinguish the taste of powdered milk from natural, you won't know what milk you sold.

Why milk normalize

Manufacturers of natural milk run the risk of getting myself the extra cost, because the product spoils quickly. Normalization of milk (if it is not obtained from a powder) is perhaps the best way of processing because most of the nutrients is retained. Also disinfects the normalization of natural milk.

As a rule, the buyer does not know what product he purchased is made from powdered milk or natural. But when you buy should pay attention to the expiration dates, because normalisierung milk made from a natural product, the shelf life is quite short, and milk made from dry powder, in contrast, large!