UHT technology

UHT milk called sterilized product which has passed gentle heat treatment at a temperature at which it is heated and cooled in a few seconds. After that UHT milk is bottled in unique cardboard packaging in sterile conditions. This treatment retains all the nutrients of milk, including the vital calcium.

Ultra-pasteurized milk is in any case can not be boiled because it is safe and ready to eat product.

Such dairy products can be stored even at room temperature for several months if it is placed in a sealed package. It is made from raw materials of only the highest quality fresh and natural milk, which can withstand such processing and not curl up. Other varieties of milk for pasteurization categorically not suitable. However, no milk, processed using high technology, is never going to be fresh, bought on the market or in the village with my grandparents.

Use features

Besides the use of UHT milk as a separate product, it is possible to make cottage cheese or yogurt. However, as this type of dairy products does not have its microflora and lactic acid bacteria, it is necessary to add a ferment. So, for making yogurt from UHT milk is most commonly used bacterial starter culture containing Streptococcus thermophilus and the Bulgarian Bacillus.

Real organic milk allow only those cows that are fed only natural feed without antibiotics and hormones.

Because cow's milk is not suitable for small children due to their high fat content, are ideal for this purpose is the ultra pasteurized milk. According to the research, kids who drink this dairy products, develop faster and better gain weight compared with children consuming pasteurized milk.

Also UHT milk contains the enzymes necessary for the assimilation of nutrients and proper absorption of milk proteins. Without these enzymes the body cannot digest proteins, perceiving them to be foreign substances. The result was a variety of immune responses and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.