Advice 1: How to make a punching bag at home

Boxing help to keep fit, train several muscle groups simultaneously, and also to develop and strengthen cardiosystems. With Boxing you can easily relieve stress, to spend time and able to maintain the muscle tone. For regular workouts do not have to go to the gym – if you wish, you can make homemade Boxing bagto at any time be able to train at home.
How to make a punching bag at home
To manufacture a punching bag, take a cylindrical sports bag, scissors, empty trash bags, foam mats, sand, and old unwanted clothes. The bag should be of a dense and impermeable fabric.
Set the bag upright and place it on the inside thick polyurethane foam. On the bottom of the bag place a circle cut from the same material and also cut a second circle that you close future bag after its filling. In a thick trash bag pour the sand and a well-tie package.
The amount of sand in the package, which is required to weight pears, define individually. If necessary, sand can be added, increasing the weight of the pears in the future. For strength, wrap the bag with sand in several plastic bags and tie.
On the bottom of the bag lay the prepared bag with sand, and the remaining space fill with old clothes and pieces of polyurethane foam. Fill the bag cloth more tightly to eliminate voids and failures.
Fully tamped the cloth and polyurethane foam, cover gasket the second circle of lining, and then close the top flap of the bag and tighten so that the bag untied and was not disclosed. Hang it on a hook and start practicing.
Hook for pear should be fixed to any Desk, allowing the pear to freely hang in a vertical position, giving you the freedom to strike, but the hook is fixed to the ceiling to avoid structural collapse.

Advice 2 : How to make a punching bag

A Boxing bag or punching bag today it is very easy to buy in the store. But you can make it yourself. Ways lot. We will consider the most acceptable.
to make Boxing bag
The best material is leather - it could be old leather jackets, and boots. The long leather is not torn, not soiled and does not leave scratches on his hands. But in addition the skin use a tarp, heavy fabric, and other materials. We stop the choice on the skin.
Start with a leather canvas. Its length is usually about 150 cm Fold in half, sew two vertical lines 2-3 times a nylon thread and sew the corners in an arc to make a round bottom.
Next, stitch the second bagwith a diameter of 0.5-1 cm less than the first and third, still smaller. They are nested into each other.
Several bags sew to pear is of high quality and to the sand it was not the air with dust. By the way, the seams can be in addition to glue.
The next stage - filler. It can be a variety of sawdust and sand, pebbles and other small stones, chopped rubber tires, etc. best inner bag fill with pebbles or other non-acute stones, and the remaining space filled in with sand - so the pear will be firm enough and durable.
Further compaction of sand and stones repeatedly hit the bag on the floor, that he stamped.
At the top of the circle vsheyte the ring through the carabiners hung on the chain. You can do a little easier and hang your bag to the tube with screws on the ceiling.
Holding power is directly proportional to the weight of the bag. The lighter the bag, the easier it is to attach it. It is best to place a sports equipment in the garage or at the cottage.
Useful advice
The hook, which is often used by beginners, usually can not withstand the weight of pear and breaks it. There is another way of fasteners: nylon strap or nylon tape provorachivaetsya to the ceiling, and the pear is hung from a climbing carabiner.

Advice 3 : How to sew yourself a punching bag

Today, watching on TV famous boxers fighting for the championship belt, the boys from an early age want to be like those strong and dexterous athletes. And, of course, turn to their parents asking to buy a punching bag or try to make it yourself.
How to sew yourself a punching bag
You will need
  • Material (leatherette or leather), fabric (nylon or tarpaulin), sand (to replace the sand can sawdust or pea), polyethylene (preferably dense), large needle, thick thread, scissors, rope, hardware (to hang the punching bag to the ceiling).
In order to properly do a Boxing bag, you must first understand how it works: two case (external, internal), the "filling" of peas, river sand or sawdust wrapped in thick plastic.
The first thing you need to cut out and sew two cover the desired shape (cylinder, ellipse). The material for both cases it is necessary to choose thick and durable. For first, outer, may come as leather and faux leather. And for the second, internal, - tarpaulin or nylon.
Then take a prepared gasket for pears. For internal pear will fit peas, sawdust or sand. All this mass is put into a large bag and tightly is wrapped with thick polyethylene. All the prepared mixture, wrapped in plastic, dipped in case that you have already sewn from nylon or canvas.
Then, you should sew the loop on which you hang your bag. They are sewn to the bag from the tarp, which plunged the ground. Then, all immersed in the second pre-sewn cover made of faux leather or leather. And finally, stitch or coil between the first and second bag.
You should know that sawdust is much lighter than sand or pea. So for this punching bag it is best to use sand.
Useful advice
To avoid wasting your finances on the fabric, look at the house an old raincoat or jacket. This cloth can make the inner cover. Carefully follow the instructions clearly and complete all items, and then you will succeed.

Advice 4 : How to make a punching bag with their hands

At first glance, to make a punching bag with their hands is easy enough to find durable fabric, sew a bag and fill it up. But it's not. For each work stage has its own rules.
A punching bag can be done by hand
If there is a need to practice the strokes at home, you can make a punching bag with their hands. First you need to prepare the materials and tools that you need while working.

How to choose the fabric and filler?

To manufacture a punching bag will need a fairly large piece of thick fabric, as it needs to be folded in several layers. The optimal choice of genuine leather or leatherette. If you can not find this material, you can take the tarpaulin. If you use it, to work out the beats you need to wear gloves, as it is likely to damage the skin. With a pear of leather or imitation leather it is possible to train with his bare hands.

As a filler you can use river sand or well-dried sawdust. In the first case, the shell will turn hard, the second easy. However, bag of sawdust can be heavier, using as the inner layer of small rounded stones. Instead of sand you can take a pic. But best of all placeholders is rubber crumb.

In addition to these materials you will need steel wire and durable chain. Tools will need scissors, nylon thread, needle, pliers, the tape.

The stages of the punching bag

Boxing round can be done in the form of a pear or cylinder. In any case, it must have a bottom, so the first thing to do is to determine the diameter and height of the product. Next, the leather or canvas is cut the circle and duplicate this item, as the bottom should be double.

Then use the tape measure to measure the circumference, leaving the seam 5-10 cm). This figure will determine the length of fabric. To the desired height of the projectile add 2-3 cm and get the size of the web, which will represent its sides.

Then the fabric cut out rectangles the size you want. Enough to have 2-3 layers but you can do more. Parts are placed on one another and perform on the sewing machine stitches at a distance of 1-2 cm from the edges. Further, prostrachivajut the bottom, then sew up the side height of the projectile. Should get the bag in the form of a cylinder of several layers of fabric. Such material is not always possible to stitch on the sewing machine, so part of the work will have to be done manually with a needle, a knitting hook and strong thread.

Next, start stuffing the pears to the selected placeholder. It should be enough to top left 15=20 cm free space. Then made a mount by which the projectile is suspended: the top of the cylinder pull the steel wire from which to form a small ring. To him cling durable (preferably climbing) carabiner. In the right place at the premises to the ceiling, attach the chain and hang the finished Boxing round.
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