Advice 1: How to make a punching bag at home

Boxing help to keep fit, train several muscle groups simultaneously, and also to develop and strengthen cardiosystems. With Boxing you can easily relieve stress, to spend time and able to maintain the muscle tone. For regular workouts do not have to go to the gym – if you wish, you can make homemade Boxing bagto at any time be able to train at home.
How to make a punching bag at home
To manufacture a punching bag, take a cylindrical sports bag, scissors, empty trash bags, foam mats, sand, and old unwanted clothes. The bag should be of a dense and impermeable fabric.
Set the bag upright and place it on the inside thick polyurethane foam. On the bottom of the bag place a circle cut from the same material and also cut a second circle that you close future bag after its filling. In a thick trash bag pour the sand and a well-tie package.
The amount of sand in the package, which is required to weight pears, define individually. If necessary, sand can be added, increasing the weight of the pears in the future. For strength, wrap the bag with sand in several plastic bags and tie.
On the bottom of the bag lay the prepared bag with sand, and the remaining space fill with old clothes and pieces of polyurethane foam. Fill the bag cloth more tightly to eliminate voids and failures.
Fully tamped the cloth and polyurethane foam, cover gasket the second circle of lining, and then close the top flap of the bag and tighten so that the bag untied and was not disclosed. Hang it on a hook and start practicing.
Hook for pear should be fixed to any Desk, allowing the pear to freely hang in a vertical position, giving you the freedom to strike, but the hook is fixed to the ceiling to avoid structural collapse.

Advice 2: How to fix a punching bag

Many people involved in sports and martial arts, would like to have a home Boxing bag. In this case, your training won't depend on trips to the gym – you can practice at any time convenient for you without leaving your home. But then the question arises – how to reinforce the massive structure, swinging from bumps, home. Fortunately, there are convenient and secure ways to hang a punching bag.
How to fix a punching bag
You will need
  • Anchor (minimum 10 mm);
  • The mounting platform with a hook (if the pear is large);
  • Punch.
If the pear is small (weight less than 50 kg), it can be mounted in the ceiling powerful anchor bolt, and then to screw on it a hook on which to hang the bag. Anchor bolts are extremely reliable, unlike the anchors and similar fasteners. They practically do not loose, but if from long use, the mount has become less reliable, just a little tweak.
So, take a drill with a drill bit the right size (depends on the thickness of the anchor) and drill into the ceiling hole. Then paste the anchor bolt and tighten the nut until it stops. Make sure the anchor is securely held and not "goes" in the hole, if necessary tighten the nut yet. All mount ready, it remains only to screw the hook on the threads of the anchor and you can hang up a pear.
For mounting a heavy punching bag, there are special platforms that need to be fixed with four anchor bolts. They are sold in sporting goods stores, often packaged with pear. The platform is a square steel plate approximately 20x20 cm, with holes for fastening at the corners and a hook for hanging the pear in the middle.
To fix it, you first need to mark on the ceiling of the locations for drilling holes. Attach the platform to the ceiling, and mark the point with a pencil. Then a hammer drill according to the marking holes for anchor bolts.
Then re-attach the platform to the ceiling and align the mounting holes with the drilled holes on the ceiling. Can now insert and secure anchor. It is best to first insert one and tighten lightly, so as not fall out, and then also to secure the second, on the opposite corner of the platform. After that it will stay on the ceiling and not fall, and you can easily insert the remaining two anchor bolt and tighten them all. Before you hang the pear, make sure all bolts are tight and the mount is held securely.
If you don't want to spoil the appearance of the ceiling, you can hang the bag on a metal beam in the hallway. For this you need to fix the beam at a comfortable height for you. To strengthen better also on the anchor bolts, as in the operation of the pear and other types of fasteners can be loosened and to fall out.
Remember that training with a punching bag is always very noisy, so try not to do early morning and late evening.
Useful advice
Periodically check the anchor, if necessary, tighten the nuts, then your pear is securely attached and will last you for years.

Advice 3: How to make a punching bag with their hands

At first glance, to make a punching bag with their hands is easy enough to find durable fabric, sew a bag and fill it up. But it's not. For each work stage has its own rules.
A punching bag can be done by hand
If there is a need to practice the strokes at home, you can make a punching bag with their hands. First you need to prepare the materials and tools that you need while working.

How to choose the fabric and filler?

To manufacture a punching bag will need a fairly large piece of thick fabric, as it needs to be folded in several layers. The optimal choice of genuine leather or leatherette. If you can not find this material, you can take the tarpaulin. If you use it, to work out the beats you need to wear gloves, as it is likely to damage the skin. With a pear of leather or imitation leather it is possible to train with his bare hands.

As a filler you can use river sand or well-dried sawdust. In the first case, the shell will turn hard, the second easy. However, bag of sawdust can be heavier, using as the inner layer of small rounded stones. Instead of sand you can take a pic. But best of all placeholders is rubber crumb.

In addition to these materials you will need steel wire and durable chain. Tools will need scissors, nylon thread, needle, pliers, the tape.

The stages of the punching bag

Boxing round can be done in the form of a pear or cylinder. In any case, it must have a bottom, so the first thing to do is to determine the diameter and height of the product. Next, the leather or canvas is cut the circle and duplicate this item, as the bottom should be double.

Then use the tape measure to measure the circumference, leaving the seam 5-10 cm). This figure will determine the length of fabric. To the desired height of the projectile add 2-3 cm and get the size of the web, which will represent its sides.

Then the fabric cut out rectangles the size you want. Enough to have 2-3 layers but you can do more. Parts are placed on one another and perform on the sewing machine stitches at a distance of 1-2 cm from the edges. Further, prostrachivajut the bottom, then sew up the side height of the projectile. Should get the bag in the form of a cylinder of several layers of fabric. Such material is not always possible to stitch on the sewing machine, so part of the work will have to be done manually with a needle, a knitting hook and strong thread.

Next, start stuffing the pears to the selected placeholder. It should be enough to top left 15=20 cm free space. Then made a mount by which the projectile is suspended: the top of the cylinder pull the steel wire from which to form a small ring. To him cling durable (preferably climbing) carabiner. In the right place at the premises to the ceiling, attach the chain and hang the finished Boxing round.

Advice 4: How to make hard cheese at home

Cottage cheese to cook is not difficult, and although it consumed a lot of milk, the result always pleases fans. However, in order to prepare cheese at home, you will have to get pressure, otherwise you will not be able to remove excess fluid.
How to make hard cheese at home
You will need
    • press;
    • form cheese;
    • a large clay pot;
    • the colander;
    • a long knife;
    • 8 bricks;
    • 2 large piece of cheesecloth;
    • 2 cups fresh milk (to ferment);
    • 4.5 l of cow's milk;
    • 4 tbsp. butter;
    • 3/4 tsp of baking soda;
    • 2/3 Cup of sour cream;
    • 1/4 tsp salt.
Make the starter: Express 2 cups milk at room temperature for a day.
Add yeast to 4.5 liters of warm milk, cover the container with a lid and leave in a warm place for 12 hours.
Place the container with the curdled milk into a large, filled with warm water. Put them on a small fire, use a thermometer to monitor the heating water should heat water to 38оС for 30-40 minutes and maintain this temperature until the mass reaches a sufficient density.
Determine the moment when the mass can be cut with a knife, cut the curd with a long knife into cubes 3 by 3 cm, right in the pot, then with a long spoon and mix them up, trying not to mash and to prevent the sticking of the cubes. Check out the pieces on density: gently squeeze your fingers and quickly release. If the piece is easy to break into pieces, does not stick to hands, it is possible to end heating (usually heat lasts from 40 to 60 minutes).
Drain the whey using a colander, line a rimmed gauze form for cheeseand (any container with holes in the bottom), put the cheese mass. The ends of the cheesecloth tie the top, place the mold under the press. Put on the upper Board press 4 bricks, then add one brick every ten minutes, giving freely to drain the serum. In conclusion, leave the ground under the weight of 8 bricks per hour.
Remove the mass from the mold, add the butter and baking soda, chop them with a knife in small pieces to mix well with butter and soda. Put in a clay pot, tightly clutching a weight to the bottom, leave in a warm place for 2.5 hours.
Add the weight of the sour cream and salt, stir. Put in the form of heat (smaller capacity with cheeseom more full of warm water). Put on a slow fire, stir until the solid compounds of sour cream with mass. Then pour the mixture into the pot, greased, and put in the cold. Observe cheese for 2-3 months.
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