To manufacture a punching bag, take a cylindrical sports bag, scissors, empty trash bags, foam mats, sand, and old unwanted clothes. The bag should be of a dense and impermeable fabric.
Set the bag upright and place it on the inside thick polyurethane foam. On the bottom of the bag place a circle cut from the same material and also cut a second circle that you close future bag after its filling. In a thick trash bag pour the sand and a well-tie package.
The amount of sand in the package, which is required to weight pears, define individually. If necessary, sand can be added, increasing the weight of the pears in the future. For strength, wrap the bag with sand in several plastic bags and tie.
On the bottom of the bag lay the prepared bag with sand, and the remaining space fill with old clothes and pieces of polyurethane foam. Fill the bag cloth more tightly to eliminate voids and failures.
Fully tamped the cloth and polyurethane foam, cover gasket the second circle of lining, and then close the top flap of the bag and tighten so that the bag untied and was not disclosed. Hang it on a hook and start practicing.
Hook for pear should be fixed to any Desk, allowing the pear to freely hang in a vertical position, giving you the freedom to strike, but the hook is fixed to the ceiling to avoid structural collapse.