You will need
  • Material (leatherette or leather), fabric (nylon or tarpaulin), sand (to replace the sand can sawdust or pea), polyethylene (preferably dense), large needle, thick thread, scissors, rope, hardware (to hang the punching bag to the ceiling).
In order to properly do a Boxing bag, you must first understand how it works: two case (external, internal), the "filling" of peas, river sand or sawdust wrapped in thick plastic.
The first thing you need to cut out and sew two cover the desired shape (cylinder, ellipse). The material for both cases it is necessary to choose thick and durable. For first, outer, may come as leather and faux leather. And for the second, internal, - tarpaulin or nylon.
Then take a prepared gasket for pears. For internal pear will fit peas, sawdust or sand. All this mass is put into a large bag and tightly is wrapped with thick polyethylene. All the prepared mixture, wrapped in plastic, dipped in case that you have already sewn from nylon or canvas.
Then, you should sew the loop on which you hang your bag. They are sewn to the bag from the tarp, which plunged the ground. Then, all immersed in the second pre-sewn cover made of faux leather or leather. And finally, stitch or coil between the first and second bag.