You will need
  • - water
  • spray for the cleaning of the oven
  • - baking soda
  • - vinegar
Oil spray, spread cheese, melted sugar is exposed to high temperatures, burn so firmly to the surfaces that they can't even scrape off with a knife, not to mention the more soft money. Some modern ovens have built-in pyrolysis system, their inner wall can be heated so much that the dirt on them burns and crumbles fine soot. But in these ovens, the pans and grates have to be cleaned manually.
If you could find a special cleaner for the oven, you're in luck. Turn on the oven, so she warmed up to 50°C, not more. Open the door, shake the bottle of cleanser, spray the foam on the walls of the oven. Be careful, if the oven has a built fan, cover its hole with a plastic bag so as not to wet the contacts.
Wait the time specified on the bottle with a tool, remove the foam and peeled off the oven dirt with clean water with a small addition of soap. Wear gloves, don't forget to open the window to ventilate the room.
If you are totally against the use of the kitchen harsh chemical substances, try to remove the dirt more harmless way. Dissolve in a Cup of a solution of acetic acid in the ratio with water of 1:1. Dip it in the solution of common cloth, moisten it well of the wall of the oven. Take baking soda and sprinkle it becomes dirty place, leave for a short time to impact.
Hydrogen generated in the reaction of vinegar with baking soda is absolutely harmless, but it helps to remove even the most corrosive mud from the walls of the oven. At the end rinse the oven with warm, soapy water and she will Shine like new.