Advice 1: How to put fishing nets

Rod fishing is certainly exciting, but if fish need a lot, without networking can not do. So you've decided to put network. You have, of course, purchased a special license, as without it, the fisherman not only risks losing the catch and gear, but to pay a decent penalty.
put fishing nets
Now choose a place to install them. Explore the pond where you plan to fish: depth, topography, clutter, etc. If you have selected a location from inviscid and flat bottom, you can put the network close to the shore, just by wearing a rubber suit. This method, under certain conditions, gives a very good catch.
But the best network to put from the boat. Of course, the network put together, so that one was at the oars, and the second set of the network. The best place is a pond with reeds, well, if there is rocky Cape.
Network put from about two-meter depth. A fish that walks along the shore, to get into the network. Also good result gives a formulation of networks on the slopes of the deep. In such places, your network can get pike and perch.
Let's talk about the networks. In stores a huge selection and you can find anything. Considered to be the most productive network, made from nylon fishing line (monofilament), they are almost invisible in the water, but this requires a lot of attention during the installation and during storage.
Much less whimsical network of nylon fishing line. However, any network requires careful handling: after each fishing network, you need to carefully examine, if necessary, cleaned and repaired.

Advice 2 : How to put fishing nets in the winter

In the winter fishing regulations fishing is allowed through networks. They are set under the ice. Recently in the Northern regions where the winter fishing season lasts 3-4 months, very popular are various designs to install a network under the ice. To put fishing network in winter you can use simple and functional device is a special winch.
How to put fishing nets in the winter
You will need
  • device for hauling fishing nets under the ice;
  • - special saw for ice;
  • - thick wire;
  • - strong rope;
  • - screws;
  • - fishing net.
Find a suitable for ice fishing fishing ice screws and drill a hole of any diameter. Special ice saw to widen the hole and cut out hole of that diameter, so that the winch was able to go into it.
Remove the winch from its packaging and slide the handle into the operating position by pushing it 180 degrees and securing the special latch. Locate the small hook located at the opposite end. To him tie a piece of strong rope for insurance. With its help, you can get the winch from under the ice.
Attach to the right side of the spring-ratchet head which when driving winches will emit a loud distinctive sounds, for which it will be easy to detect. Test the ratchet, slightly pulling the pulling rope.
Pull the cord end and push the winch in a hole so that the wheel studs were facing up. To lock the winch in this position, you can use the same saw blade, resting it in the hole on the latch. Push the winch in the direction where you plan to place the second hole.
Head toward the second hole, holding in his hand the end of the orange cord. Guided by the sound, which publishes a ratchet mounted on the winch. On the smooth ice, which is not covered with snow, orange winch, moving under the ice, will be clearly visible.
After the cord of the winch unwound to its full length, it stops about 60 metres from the first hole. This place make with the drill hole, then saw through a hole in the ice and pull out the winch to the surface. If you do not see the winch, make of thick wire hook with a length of about 2 m and try to hook a winch or rope to this hook.
Hook the end of the float cord network cord swans and drag the network under the ice from the first to the second hole.
For this kind of fishing, you will need to apply for a license in the territorial authority of fisheries.
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