You will need
  • the video connection cable adapter.
Usually video cards computers contain two slots. Possible combination of VGA+DVI or VGA+HDMI. Modern monitors are VGA and DVI ports.
You may have to use several adapters to connect a second monitor. The fact is that if both your displays are only present ports VGA (analog signal), and the video card has VGA and HDMI, you'll need an adapter HDMI-DVI and DVI-VGA.
Fortunately, there are special cables DVI-HDMI. Their use will allow not to connect the two adapters with each other. Purchase the required cables and adapters (if needed).
Connect both monitors to the graphics card of the computer and turn it on. Wait for the download of the operating system. Most likely, both monitors will be sent the same signal.
It is worth noting one important caveat: not all display adapters support dual channel mode. This means that only one monitor can be active.
We consider the situation when both displays will work simultaneously. Adjust the image transmitted to the screens in two ways. Open the control panel (this item is located in the start menu) and select "appearance and personalization".
Go to "screen Resolution". Activate the function "Duplicate displays". In this case both monitor will show identical picture. Usually this function is used when connecting the TV to watch high-definition video.
Select "Extend these displays". In this configuration displays, you can simultaneously use both screens independently of each other. Example: to run the game on one of them and watch videos on other. Remember that this method requires certain resources and is not well suited for "weak" computers.