You will need
  • Electric motor from a children's toy
  • Pulley
  • Switch
  • Rake
  • 2 plates from plywood or plastic
  • Sewing thread
  • Semiconductor diodes – 4 pieces
  • Tester
The most basic generator of alternating current make of motor for toys and thread. The thread spool on the axle. To the motor terminal connect a light bulb from a pocket lantern. Pull the thread. It will force to rotate the armature of the motor. The bulb will light up.
General view homemade <strong>generator</strong>and
The motor shaft fasten the propeller with a diameter of 0.5 m or more. Get a small wind farm. The faster the rotation of the engine, the more tension it develops. In order to increase the speed of rotation, use pulleys and pacecom from the tape recorder. Small pulley put on the axis motor, a screw axis. The current obtained from such a generatorand AC. For charging batteries it is not necessary.
Mount coils
For obtaining a constant current is collect a simple rectifier. To take 4 semiconductor diodes D226 or D7 (any letter). Connect them bridged. If you want to be powered by a generatorand a small radio, it will take another 2 to 2 UF capacitor and choke (electric meter, phone, translational dynamics).
Circuit rectifier
It may be that at hand no ready motor. It is possible to try to collect. This requires a linear magnet in the form of a metal strip in the middle which you want to drill a hole for the axis. You will also need 2 identical empty thread No. 10. To coil, wind the enameled cable with a diameter of 0.25 mm to fill the frame. 2 coils attach to the wooden frame so that between their ends rotated magnet fixed on the axis. Coils are connect in series so that upon rotation of the magnet terminal voltage is maximized (can be set experimentally). Rotate this generator can by hand, and using the air screw.