Of course, being in the nature approximately in one place, you can make a generator that uses the wind energy and turns it into electricity. Even as an option – solar. But if we are constantly in motion? It is also not a problem – make a simple electric generator specially for the occasion. It will help to quickly recharge the batteries from our camera, phone or other device. The power it has is small, but it can constantly be in business.
So, to create a good generator of electricity, we need the induced EMF (electromotive force). It causes the EMF at the ends of a conductor a potential difference that drives the electrons, i.e. creates an electric current.
Our generator would be constructed on the same principle. The generator must be small in size, lightweight and resistant to shocks. And he made of coils wound on her copper wire and the magnet, which freely inside the coil will move.
The ends of the inner cover used coils need to stop to not drop the magnet. The EMF of this generator will be induced, when are we going to shake him that would move the magnet inside the coil.
The voltage of our homemade charger will randomly change. Therefore, in order for such a generator to charge the battery, you need to make a fairly simple rectifier – diode bridge. In this case, the coil will begin to produce a current pulse of desired polarity at the output of the rectifier.
That's the whole generator. And how is it powered? Need to get the magnet to oscillate in the coil. This can be achieved in several ways: shake it any way, even in the hands. But the shaking will exhaust you quickly. And you can force the magnet to move in another way: simply attach the generator to the arm or leg and take care of business. While you walk or run, the batteries will be recharged. And if you attach a generator to the paddle during kayaking, you can get another way to produce electricity.