You will need
  • - a thin copper wire;
  • - thick copper wire or copper tube;
  • - step-up transformer (from 220 to ~1500 volts);
  • high voltage ceramic capacitor;
  • epoxy or varnish;
  • - electrical tape or silk fabric;
  • - massive electrode spark gap;
  • - aluminum foil or aluminum corrugated pipe.
Fabricate secondary coil transformerand Tesla. Wrap 1-1.5 thousand turns of thin copper wire on the frame from dielectric. The coil must be very good insulation, both external and inter-turn. The isolation coil may be performed by coating epoxy resin or varnish, wrapping the silk cloth impregnated with varnish, or several layers of insulating tape. As a skeleton you can use a piece of plastic tubing with a diameter of 5-6 centimeters. From different sides of the coil draw conclusions thick wire with good insulation. One for providing the ground and the other to connect to the end discharger.
Create a primary coil transformerand Tesla. Bend a copper pipe, thick copper wire or bus in the shape of a spring with a diameter of 9-12 inches. Slightly stretch the spring." Coil of wire should have five or six turns and insights to connect it with other parts of the device.
Make a discharger. Massive metal electrodes attach to the base of the dielectric (e.g., thick fiberglass). Provide the possibility of adjusting the distance between the electrodes.
Make transformer Tesla. On the base of dielectric material vertically secure the primary and secondary windings. The secondary winding of the lower part should be inside the primary. On top of the frame of the secondary winding install the arrester in the form of a ball or toroid. Connect one end of the winding. The ball can be made of foil, the toroid - aluminum corrugated tube. The second end of the secondary winding securely ground. Connect the high-voltage capacitor to one terminal of the primary winding and one of the contacts of the arrester. Free contact spark plug to a free output of the primary winding. The terminals of the secondary winding increases the supply transformerand connect to the contacts of the spark gap. The simplest transformer Tesla is ready.