In the first place to create this device it is necessary to think about the source of its power is electric current. It needs to have a voltage less than 5,000 volts. This is only necessary for a very simple generator Tesla. For more complex analogues of this device will require higher voltage.
The generator Tesla consists of the following elements. The first transformer. He is represented by two coils (primary and secondary). Also need a capacitor, a discharger, a special terminal and a donut. The primary coil must be done from a copper wire of large diameter or simple copper tube. If wire is used, it must be wound circumferentially in multiple turns. The secondary coil consists of a thousand or more turns of copper wire of small diameter. It should be noted that the primary coil is best done cylindrical horizontal or vertical form. Together with the capacitor it needs to create a so-called "oscillation circuit". This circuit includes the spark gap, which consists of two parallel copper wires with little clearance. Upstairs they have to be exposed and bent, and the bottom tightly wrapped duct tape.
The secondary coil comprises a toroid, which acts the function of a capacitor. It should be noted that the secondary coil has the sense to cover with epoxy resin, to eliminate the possibility of electrical breakdown during operation of the device. It should also be noted that in any case it is not necessary during operation of the generator Tesla touch out electrical discharges. This can lead to serious consequences for your health in the future.