Contact the Pro shop or the forest service to acquire the seeds were eating. They are sold at an affordable price. But there is another option – go to the woods in late autumn and type of cones, which are lying under Mature trees.
Buy fertile land. It should be light, otherwise the seeds will not germinate. Good soil taken from the forest, but it should add a little sand. Pour the soil in the flower pot and leave for the day.
Soak the seeds were eating. Place them in cheesecloth, place on a plate and soak with warm water. If you want to grow a plant from cones, place them in a jar or thermos, pour water with a temperature of about 40 degrees and leave for a day.
Sow seeds to a depth of 1-2 cm. Cones stick into the soil is not very deep, otherwise, the seedlings will not be soon. Water generously and cover the landing capacity with cellophane or regular bag.
Expect germination within a few months. Not raskatyvaete planting – this will not speed up the process of seed germination.
Water the young eat once a week, also orosite their spray through the day. Ensure that the ground was not overly moist, otherwise the roots will rot.
Transplant the tree on the infield. If you want to grow green miracle at home, create a plant the climate is as close to natural. In the winter bring the plant to the loggia if it is glazed or place the pot with the tree in a room where the temperature is about 5-10 degrees.