You will need
  • - oat bran or sawdust, brush;
  • - refined gasoline, potato starch, hard brush;
  • - vinegar, alcohol, purified water, sponge;
  • - water, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia.
To clean the hat of genuine fur of Fox, you will need oat bran, or sawdust is simple. One of these funds need to fill fur and gently RUB with a brush or hands until, until you reach the desired effect. Then gently shake the capto remove bran, and eventually clean it using a vacuum cleaner (previously put on a small nozzle). It remains only to brush fur in the direction of growth of the pile.
Put a cap on a glass jar which you need to pre-wrap the towel so that the cap does not slip. In a small bowl dilute 1/4 Cup of purified gasoline and potato starch, is supposed to be the consistency of a slurry. The resulting composition of the cover the entire cap, gently massaging it into the fur. Then let it dry for 10-20 minutes. Already dried starch should be removed with a special stiff brush, or by shaking fur hats. If the fur was not clean enough, repeat the procedure again. Since gasoline tends to evaporate quickly, it is not necessary to plant immediately in a large quantity, it is better to do it several times in small portions.
Mix equal quantities of the following ingredients: alcohol, vinegar and purified water. Apply this mixture with a brush or soft sponge in the cap of the Fox, gently massage into skin. This product does not require rinsing, as tends to evaporate quickly.
Take a glass of warm water and add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, mix thoroughly. Add to this mixture a few drops of ammonia. Apply the resulting solution with a cotton swab or sponge on the fur of a Fox, moving in the direction of growth of the pile. After that move the cap in a well ventilated place and leave for a few hours. There are only comb the fur coat, your hat again like new.