Advice 1: How to paint mutton coat

Mutton is the most versatile type of fur. It is an extremely light wear, looks very elegant and graceful. In the processing of the Mouton, you can make any color. Often some ladies carries a fur coat a few seasons, I want to refresh the fur, giving it a new shade. This can be done at home. There are two basic ways of painting: toning and dyeing with oxidizing dyes. The second method is the most popular.
How to paint mutton coat
You will need
  • - the water is 35oC,
  • - 20 grams of salt per 1 liter of water
  • - 2-3 grams of 25% ammonia per 1 liter of water
  • - 1 gram of detergent per 1 liter of water
  • - hair dye.
Before painting the house, check the skin temperature of welding. Old fur coat can not move the painting process and fall apart, so such things are better not to expose to this influence.
For a start, the fur you need to prepare for painting. To do this, put skin in the night in the chrome tanning solution.
The quality of the painting will largely depend on how well the dyes will penetrate deep into the pile. Dirty pile to nil staining solution in its structure, which will lead to uneven staining. Therefore, before painting, you need to wash the fur. To do this, prepare a solution, which will consist of water, salt, detergent, and ammonia. Then dip the skin in the solution for 30 minutes, the product move in the tank, then remove it from the solution and wring out.
Stretch the fur on a flat surface and secure. In this place you'll not only paint the fur, but rinse after dyeing.
Well dry the fur after menso (the wrong side of the skin) and spread with glycerol as washing might have damaged the skin.
For dyeing you can use a conventional hair dye. Before the procedure carefully read the instructions for use.
Start dyeing. Smooth out the folds and begin to apply the dyeing agent. Apply a semi-soft brush to paint spreads evenly. Wait until the paint is dry, and repeat as necessary until you get the desired effect. Then thoroughly rinse the paint from the skins.

Advice 2: How to paint fur coat

In the closet gathering dust coat from faded mink, on the mezzanine which year is the fur coat with dim fur. How can you revive such expensive things? Of course, to paint the fur. Besides, it can be done at home.
How to paint fur coat
You will need
  • For painting fur you will need:
  • -fur;
  • -hair dye;
  • -comb;
  • -a solution of washing powder.
Ideal for painting choose paint color black, red or brown. Dyeing as well as hair - Barber shop brush. Progressivem every hair. Apply paint evenly distributed her hairbrush to good procrasinate.
How to paint <strong>coat</strong>
Stand for about 40 minutes. The fur is then immersed in warm water with vinegar and rinse.
After rinsing should be gently dried with a towel and put on dry. Put, gently stretching (not to break), fur up. It is desirable to pin the pins to the surface on which laid out to dry. Importantly, note that fur when painting at home is very sits.
How to paint <strong>coat</strong>
During drying it is desirable to comb. So the fur will dry faster and not matted. Well that's all, now the coat or collar as new and ready for a little more to serve his mistress.
The painting process is quite lengthy. For example, one sleeve of fur coats can be painted in about 2 hours. So in advance please be patient.
Useful advice
So after painting and washing, the fur is not cold, before you start staining, it is desirable to lubricate the skin with glycerin.
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