If you realize that your relationship has no future, feelings of dull, to put simply. You will have to make a final decision and honestly say that you are willing to continue the relationship or to further joint life.
After the decision not to delay the parting. The sooner it happens, the less you will tear the unpleasant thoughts about the inevitable end of your relationship.
Remove the separate living space or change the joint housing. If you lived together, the best option when separation is separation. It is impossible to safely end the relationship, living under one roof.
Take care of yourself. Parting is the time to implement his own plans, which, during cohabitation, or long-lasting relationship and remained plans. Samosovershenstvovaniya, change the image, join a gym or a fitness club, get a second, third generation.
Career. If during the joint lives of you did not work, then the separation will contribute to their realization. Besides, regular routine will allow you to be tormented by thoughts of the past and become fully financially independent person.
Do not sit in four walls. Meet friends, chat. Parting is not the end of life, but merely her new level. Only depends on you, what would it be: grey and dull, or bright, saturated, full of new meetings, impressions.
Avoid places where you may meet. To be friends is a good idea, but better friendship aside after a sufficient period of time for painless meetings. Only after a while you will be able to communicate as friends, not remembering the mutual resentment, and not tormenting each other with reproaches.
Do not rush to start a new novel. Carefully consider, that you stop to save the old relationship. This will help you not to make mistakes. Changed, you will receive a ticket to a happy life with fulfilling relationships that you will cherish and that will you completely satisfied.